Drapery Cleaning tocc.drapes

Types of Drapery Cleaning That We Do: 

  • Drapes, valances, and window scarves.
  • Standard pleats, French pleats, sheers, tiebacks and lace.
  • Silk, velvet, chenille, floral and earth tones.
  • Any and all cleanable fabrics.

*Drapes can either be cleaned in place and on location at your home or brought back to our facility for cleaning.

In-House Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Prepare the drapery area, protecting the surrounding furnishings and flooring.
  2. Pre-vacuum drapes completely to remove soil, dust, or cobwebs.
  3. Spray down drapes with dry cleaning solution.
  4. Machine extract ground-in soil, allergens, pollen, and smoke, leaving drapes clean and smelling fresh (while also maintaining your privacy).

Facility Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Carefully take down your drapery, protecting them to bring to our drapery cleaning facility.
  2. Dry clean the drapes removing any ground-in soil, allergens, pollen, or smoke.
  3. Press the drapes ensuring even hems and parallel pleating.
  4. Return the drapes to your home, re-hang and test to ensure they are operating properly.
  5. Delivery time is typically 3-5 days.

We Guarantee Our Work!

Our drapery cleaning is guaranteed for 30 days. If for any reason you discover something that you’re not TOTALLY satisfied with just give us a call. We’ll be back to correct it. Satisfying our customers is what we take the most pride in.

For any questions or if you’d like to schedule a free estimate, call us today at 805-409-7951.

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